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Title IX at Metro State

"No person in the U.S. shall, on the basis of sex be excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of, 或在接受联邦资助的任何教育项目或活动中受到歧视."

Title 20 U.S.C. § 1681-1688.

What does Title IX mean?

第九条是一项联邦法律,禁止所有接受联邦资助的教育机构歧视其学生, employees, as well as third parties and visitors on its campus, on the basis of sex. 第九条还禁止基于怀孕和/或与怀孕有关的情况的歧视, as a form of sex discrimination.

第九条禁止在所有大学学生服务和学术项目中存在性别歧视,包括, but not limited to, admissions, financial aid, academic advising, housing, athletics, recreational services, college residential life programs, health services, counseling and psychological services, Registrar's office, classroom assignments, grading and discipline.

第九条还禁止在就业和招聘考虑或选择中存在性别歧视, whether full‐time or part‐time, 在接受或受益于联邦财政援助的机构运作的任何教育计划或活动中. Title IX applies to all aspects of academic programs, financial assistance, and athletics, operated by educational institutions who are recipients of federal financial assistance, as related to both education and employment. Title IX encompasses actions that affect educational access and opportunities for all students, including sexual harassment, sexual violence (e.g., rape, sexual assault, sexual coercion), stalking, and dating, intimate partner, and relationship violence (i.e., domestic violence).

根据教育法第九条,大学有义务对性暴力行为做出回应,其中包括提供有关报告程序的信息, policy, and support resources and campus contacts.

Failure to comply with Title IX?

If an educational institution fails to comply with Title IX, the institution can be subject to an investigation by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights. 在最极端的情况下,后果可能包括但不限于支付赔偿金或失去部分或全部联邦资金. Federal funding includes grants, subsidies, and other program funds from the federal government. In addition to consequences that can be imposed by the U.S. Department of Education, educational institutions may also be sued by those seeking to redress violations of Title IX.

Title IX resources

教育部公民权利办公室(OCR)负责执行《官方竞猜平台》的联邦法规. 第九条保护个人在接受联邦财政援助的教育项目和/或活动中不受性别歧视.

Federal guidance

Federal guidance comes in many forms including "Dear Colleague" or “Dear Educator” Letters, Question and Answer documents, Know Your Rights documents, White House guidance, etc. 教育部公民权利办公室(OCR)不时发出官方函件,详细说明OCR将如何处理和/或解释某些事项的意图, or its response to an event or legal decision, etc. 通信也可以以总结或重复现有OCR实践的形式进行. 这些文件不具有法律效力,旨在为遵守联邦法律法规的教育机构提供指导.

Sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence

Pregnant and parenting students

Equity in athletics

First Amendment and Title IX

LGBTQI+ students

Additional Department of Education resources


*On Jan. 22, 2014, President Obama established the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. As part of the task force, this report was created and the contents of the report were shared, along with additional resources, on The task force is now nonexistent, and the website is no longer active. This document is not law and should only be relied upon for educational purposes.

**Not for reliance for certain purposes. 该文件所表达的政策在某些方面与教育部实施《官方竞猜平台》的规定不一致, as amended in 2020, 以及第13988号(关于打击基于性别认同或性取向的歧视)和第14021号(关于教育环境中的性别歧视)行政命令.