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每个大都会州都有停车位. Midway and LECJEC locations have surface lots, 而圣保罗校区和明尼阿波利斯学院都有相关的停车坡道.

At all of our locations, as a courtesy to our neighbors, 请不要将车停在校园附近的房屋前; off-street parking is limited for local residents.

Find the most 关于停车通道和限制的最新信息 as part of the university's COVID-19 response.

Saint Paul campus

Parking Ramp, 400 Maria Avenue, Saint Paul

Monday–Friday: 7 a.m.–10 p.m.

Saturday: 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Sunday: Closed

Holidays: Closed

Metro State对大学拥有或租用的停车位实行所有的停车限制, 对于张贴有限制的空间,如残疾人无障碍, maintenance only, 30-minute limit, and reserved spaces. 官方竞猜平台也强制违规停车,例如在消防通道停车, non-spaces, and taking up two or more spots. Security issues citations accordingly.

如果你被开了一张停车罚单,而你觉得你不应该收到传票, follow this process to file an appeal.


The parking ramp at Minneapolis College, located on Hennepin Avenue at North Sixteenth Street, is open 24 hours a day. 在停车坡道的所有楼层都设有残疾人无障碍停车位, next to the elevator lobby.

官方竞猜平台的学生在坡道停车的费用包括在你的官方竞猜平台的学生费用中. 使用你的大都会州学生证进入明尼阿波利斯学院的停车坡道. For more detailed information, visit Minneapolis College's parking page.

All other Metro State locations

学生可以在地面停车,不需要额外的费用(费用包含在Metro State的学生费用中).

For employees

工作人员和教师选择停车在任何官方竞猜平台拥有或租赁的设施, including, but not limited to Saint Paul, Midway, Minneapolis College, Hennepin Technical College, Normandale and the Dental Clinic, 必须根据明尼苏达州法规和政策支付停车费吗. How to register for ID card ramp parking access.